The Percy Grainger Society

The Percy Grainger Society

The Percy Grainger Society was founded in June 1978 in London. It has of the order of 500 members world-wide. Membership is open to all by payment of an annual subscription, and for this members receive two journals a year and the newsletter Random Round which keeps them informed of international activities in performance and scholarship. Contributors to the Grainger Society Journal include John Amis, Kay Dreyfus (author of Grainger’s letters Vol. 1), John Bird (Grainger’s main biographer), D. C. Parker (author of the first published monograph on Grainger) and Percy Grainger himself, through the medium of his many writings.

Membership to the Grainger Society carries with it access to the ever-growing Music Archive of Grainger’s compositions, the most extensive collection of his music in Europe. The majority of Grainger’s hitherto unpublished music is in the process of being brought into print by Bardic Edition in association with the Grainger Society and Estate.

A sound archive is also maintained including a number of rare recordings and performances made by the composer together with an extensive collection of CD albums, cassettes and LP albums of modern performances by others.

The Society is active in encouraging and organising recordings of Grainger’s compositions as well as assisting with programme building for concerts and other Grainger activities in general.

Membership details are available from: The International Percy Grainger Society, 7 Cromwell Place, White Plains, NY 10601 or via their new website.

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