David Seymour

Dave is a composer and songwriter who grew up travelling in different parts of North America, Mexico and England. He was influenced by different styles of music, especially folk and classical; his father was an accomplished pianist who died early in Dave’s life and his mother was an award-winning folk dancer.

Moving to London in 1980, Dave has been involved in the music scene of that vibrant, multicultural city for over 30 years, working first as a world music agent at Jenako Arts, where he provided some of the first acts for the Womad festivals, the Nimes festival of Street Music and other events. After Jenako Arts Dave studied at the music department at Hackney College, working with the classical pianist and educationalist Chris Wilson among others. It was there that he put together the first draft of his Quintet for Winds.

Since that time Dave has been organizing and giving final arrangements to a back catalogue of pieces in a wide range of styles: Jazz, Latin, Folk, early music, minimalist, short pieces for sync… He now has various projects on the go: as well as this quintet for winds he has a Latin Jazz CD ‘Shelter’ on Spotify and is developing a set of pieces for a musical based on one of the stories from Tales of the Alhambra.

Instrumental Music

Suite for wind quintet (Movements 1 and 2) [BDE 1227]
Suite for wind quintet (Movements 3 and 4) [BDE 1343]
Suite for wind quintet (Movements 5 and 6) [BDE 1344]
Suite for wind quintet (Movements 7 and 9) [BDE 1345]

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